Tomas Björkdal is a composer and sound designer who works with multi-disciplinary performance art, headphone-based performances, installations, sound art, art films and projections. He has attended EMS (Elektronic music studio) composer education and is a trained sound designer at Stockholm Dramatic University.

He has made music and sound design for a number of performances at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern, Teater Galeasen and others. Together with the performing arts collective Mold he creates interactive performances such as 'Döden' and ' M M M - mat mata matas' and 'love walks'.

As a filmmaker and film editor, he has made numerous art films for installations, theater projections and exhibitions. He has also edited and filmed performances, concerts, theater documentation and trailers.

Tomas has collaborated among others: Mold, Långsjö theater, Anna Asplind, Deekte - The Ecological Theater, Skogen, Nordic Trash, Ulrika Larsen, Julia Adzuki and several films for the artist Johanna Törnqvist.

He collaborates with choreographers, dancers and artists such as Anna Koch, Anna Asplind, Daniel Almgren Recén, Johan Forsman Tuva Hildebrand and Katja Seitajoki and has been supervisor at Stockholm Dramatic University.

As a member of Ljudtornet since 2018, Tomas has been one of the artistic leaders with the yearly ANTENN Sound art Festival in the old water tower in Gnesta.